3 Potential Locations

On June 23, the Madison Local Food Committee passed a motion to select three potential locations for the Madison Public Market District.  These three locations will now undergo a detailed analysis by the City's consulting team from Project for Public Spaces to assess their strenghts and weaknesses as potential public market district sites. 

The three selected potential locations are:

  1. The Park Street Corridor near the intersection of Wingra Drive
  2. The East Washington Avenue Corridor near the intersection of 1st Street
  3. The Northside Town Center Shopping Center

The Committee carefully considered numerous additional potential locations but ultimately decided these three represent the greatest opportunities to fulfill the vision for the Public Market District.  Some of the information the Committe utilized to reach this decision included:

  1. The results of public input recieved during the Community Meetings held in May and June (Click HERE to see a summary of that input) as well as the results of the community survey conducted over the winter.
  2. A site analysis matrix created by City staff evaluating the twelve sites that were mentioned during the community meetings on several criteria (Click HERE to review the matrix and click HERE to see a key code explaining how the matrix was developed)

Moving forward, the next step in the Public Market business planning process will be for the consulting team to complete a thorough analysis of the three selected locations and make a recommendation to the City on how to proceed.  Once a site is selected, the process will move into final design and operations planning.  There will be more opportunites to public input during these next steps.

In addition, please share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns using the project's online comment form





Last Updated: 06/25/2014