Overview of Business Planning and Site Selection Process

The City of Madison is working with Project for Public Spaces, Inc (PPS) to create a business plan for the Madison Public Market.  The Business Plan is being developed in a series of phases to determine what type of public market can succeed in Madison, where it should be located, how it will be designed, and how it will be financed and operated.   

Selecting a location is a critical step in this process and one that is likely to generate a lot of interest in the community.  However, it is important to note that before considering different locations, the City must first determine if a Public Market can be viable in Madison, what type and size of market makes sense, and what uses and vendors will be at the market.  Only after conducting this analysis will the City move forward with considering locations.  

Business Plan Progress So Far:

  • October/November 2013 – Project initiation - Held a preliminary public input open house, and started discussions with key stakeholders
  • December 2013 – Vendor Outreach – held a series of meetings with a wide range prospective vendors to gather input on their needs and assess the level of interest in being part of a public market.  
  • January/February 2014 – Consumer Market Research – conducting consumer Focus Groups, a consumer survey, and a retail "gravity model" to evaluate the food buying habits of Madisonians and explore the landscape of the retail food industry in the City

Next Steps:

  • March/April 2014 – Site Exploration – Based on the analysis conducted in the previous steps as well as input from the community, the City and PPS will conduct an evaluation of potential areas of the city and select a location for the Public Market.  This process will include direct outreach to neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to provide input.  However, the ultimate decision will be guided by a variety of factors including the competitive landscape of existing food retail in the area, potential sales, vehicle access, potential to improve food access for underserved areas, and the potential for the public market to be an community development catalyst for its surrounding area. 
  • Summer 2014 – Visioning Workshop – Once a location is selected, the City and PPS will conduct a "Placemaking/Visioning Workshop."  This will be a public, participatory workshop to obtain the input of a broad representation of the community members, stakeholders, and potential partners.  The workshop will address the Placemaking potential of the new market as well as help refine the program, activities and uses of the public market and inform the design process. 
  • Summer/Fall 2014Building design and Business Plan – With a location selected and thoroughly analyzed, the final step in the process will be finalizing the design of the building and creating the plan for the operations and financing of the Market 




Last Updated: 02/03/2014