3 - Public Input Summary

January 23, 2017
Community Open House
Hawthorne Library Community Room
2707 E Washington Ave
6:00 p.m.

What do you think? Provide valuable input on proposed changes to the neighborhood and how you and your neighbors can make changes happen!

Darbo-Worthington-Starkweather (DWS) Neighborhood Plan

Summary of Public Input

Neighborhood Planning, Preservation and Design

City of Madison

November 2016

As the City of Madison recognizes the importance of public participation in all recommendations and strategies of each of the neighborhood plans, City staff participated in a wide range of conversations in regards to the DWS community. The Neighborhood Planning team organized various open houses, focus groups, a service providers meeting, neighborhood walkthroughs, and attended to other community conversations. All this community outreach has been executed with the idea of conducting an analysis of the neighborhood's existing conditions and potential improvements for the short and long term.

The following table illustrates the compilation of meetings and community conversations by City staff during the DWS planning process. Some information was distributed and translated into Spanish and Hmong.

Community Engagement Activities

June 2015

Darbo NRT Meeting

June 2nd

July 2015

Interviewed staff at the Hawthorne Library to hear more about their experiences working in the neighborhood, and also to identify any potential issues that could be addressed in the neighborhood plan.

July 15th

At the annual WPNA Picnic, preliminary information including maps and flyers were displayed. Neighborhood residents provided input and were able to talk with city staff regarding the planning process.

July 18th

Interviewed local businesses in the planning area to hear their opinions of operating a business within the area, what could benefit their business going forward, and issues they see in the area.

July 24th

August 2015

A formal survey was distributed to the area business community, in order to get a better understanding of local customer bases, employment trends, and how accessible operating a business in the area is.

Late July-End of August

Darbo NRT Meeting

August 4th

September 2015

Meetings with local stakeholders regarding how they envision the neighborhood going forward, and how they would like to participate in the neighborhood planning effort.

September 9th, 18th

WOW biweekly meeting to present the Neighborhood Plan, receive some feedback from the group and recruit potential Steering Committee members.

September 9th

SASY Neighborhood Association Monthly meeting.

September 10th

October 2015

Darbo NRT Meeting

October 6th


At the 1st Open House, several members of the community were present and were able to review materials such as demographic data, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, and maps prepared by City staff.

October 15th

November 2015

Darbo NRT Meeting

November 3rd

December 2015

Several business owners in the planning area gathered with city staff to discuss ways to improve the business climate of the area, and to establish a better network of communication between businesses, the City, and other entities.

December 17th

January 2016

Darbo NRT Meeting

January 5th

February 2016

At the Darbo Open House and Community Meeting, many residents gathered and describe what they bring to the neighborhood, what their visions were for the community, and what they need from the neighborhood.

February 11th

Meeting with Lowell Principal & Social Worker

February 18th

Meeting with Art of Hosting & Will Green

February 23rd

Meeting with Lawrence Torry Winn, from Community Ambassador's program – Race Equity project

February 22th

March 2016

Darbo NRT Meeting

March 1st

April 2016

Union Triangle Clean-up

April 23rd

SASY Annual Meeting - Posters with informational material about the plan.

April 28th

May 2016

Dia de los Niños @ Goodman Community Center

May 7th

Community Garden @ Salvation Army

May 20th

Meeting with Becky Steinhoff and Clifton Davis at Goodman Community Center

May 26th

Monthly Community Supper @Salvation Army

May 26th

June 2016

Meeting with Tammy Quall from Access Community Health Center

June 10th

July 2016

Darbo Community Gathering

July 28th

Union Triangle Walkthrough

July 6th

August 2016

DWS Neighborhood Health Impact Assessment

August 3rd and 10th

Art and Placemaking - 7 people from the neighborhood attended to discuss potential art projects

August 22nd

Town of Blooming Grove Neighborhood Walkthrough

August 10th

September 2016

Hmong Community Meeting

September 22nd

November 2016

Community Meal and Open House - Approximately 27 Darbo – Worthington – Starkweather (DWS) residents attended the Community Meal and Open House on November 10th, 2016. City staff gave a short presentation about the results of previous public input during the Darbo-Worthington- Starkweather Neighborhood Planning process and shared some examples of potential short and long term projects for the neighborhood. 

November 10th

January 2017

Open House - It will take place at the Hawthorne Public Library, Community Room, 2707 East Washington Ave. 6:00pm

January 23rd

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