Comprehensive Plan

Adopted Plan (2018)

The Comprehensive Plan is the document that translates community input and ideas into policies and actions that affect City budgets, ordinances, and growth. The Plan looks 20 years into the future and seeks opportunities to address long term issues, but focuses on action steps to guide the City's near-term efforts. Visit for more information on the Imagine Madison process to update the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Generalized Future Land Use (GFLU) Map

The Comprehensive Plan includes the Generalized Future Land Use Plan Map with land use recommendations for areas within City limits and future growth areas. The land use categories mapped in the Comprehensive Plan are broad, and are applied to relatively large geographic areas. The primary updates include the addition of a fourth residential designation (Low-Medium Residential), adjustments to the residential and mixed use categories, and the addition of height and form to describe residential and mixed use category intensities rather than just using dwelling unit density.

The Comprehensive Plan recommends that all significant changes in land use from existing conditions be consistent with the recommendations of an adopted neighborhood, neighborhood development, or special area plans. The land use and design recommendations of these plans should be consistent with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, but provide more detail regarding recommended land uses, bulk characteristics, densities, and design guidelines.

Last Updated: 02/14/2019