Neighborhood Development Plans

Neighborhood development plans are intended to provide a framework for the growth and development of the City's peripheral urban expansion areas where development is expected to occur in the foreseeable future. The City prepares detailed neighborhood development plans for all designated City growth areas prior to initiating requests to add the areas to the Central Urban Service Area, and before granting any development approvals on lands located with the planning areas. Neighborhood development plans provide  recommendations for the locations of transportation facilities needed to serve the area, patterns of land use, development densities and intensities, the locations of parks and other public facilities, the locations of environmentally sensitive lands that should be protected from development, strategies for providing urban services to future City development areas, and recommendations for the sequence and timing of development on the City's urban edge.



Plans in Progress

Elderberry Pioneer Junction Neighborhood Development Plans Joint Update

Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan


Adopted Plans

Blackhawk Cherokee Cottage Grove
Cross Country East Towne-Burke Heights Elderberry
Felland Hanson Road High Point - Raymond
Junction Marsh Road Midtown
Nelson Northeast Neighborhoods Pioneer
Pumpkin Hollow Rattman Sprecher
Yahara Hills    


Last Updated: 11/28/2018