Purpose & Goals

The primary mission of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is to inform Madison officials about the community's need for a more walkable, bikeable and transit-oriented city, and to describe all elements of the City's transportation system. This TMP will then identify and describe what the City and others must do for Madison to become a more walkable, bikeable and transit-oriented city. The TMP will also identify how to improve the City as a great place to locate businesses and to work. The TMP must help the City to create and maintain a healthy local economy where transportation plans support economic development strategies. The Plan must address the transportation needs of neighborhood businesses and activity/urban centers outside the downtown area, and address connecting Madison with other communities throughout the larger region. This means we will have:

  • Strong, well-connected neighborhoods with neighborhood commercial/activity centers along transit corridors throughout a healthy city.
  • Excellent transportation choices for all residents in all neighborhoods.
  • A range of mobility choices and connections for all modes of transportation between Madison neighborhoods, the Downtown and other communities.
  • A highly livable city where land use and transportation are integrated, creating a City where employers want to locate and people want to live, work and visit.

Building a sustainable, people-friendly city starts with a transportation system that provides robust mobility options for people. A sustainable transportation system considers all users, especially individuals with limited mobility and transit-reliant populations (including the elderly, people with disabilities, children and youth. The transportation system must work for these residents. Increasing the convenience, ease and appeal of walking, bicycling and transit (and making connections among them) will make Madison a healthier and safer place to live.

Project Vision

Entrepreneurial wellspring, North American Bike Capital, and Midwest innovation hub driven by health solutions, IT, food, life science, convening, government and education; striving for economic equity.
American Family Hospital
A community that actively recognizes the fragile ecosystem we live in, driven by improving lake quality, protecting biodiversity, water supply, & air quality.
Downtown Madison
Physical Form
A city of well-connected, walkable neighborhoods along urbanized transit oriented corridors and a celebrated urban open space system; designed to build a healthy community; targeting dense growth on existing infrastructure and underutilized land; maintaining easy access to rural countryside.
Williamson Street
Place & Personality
A healthy city, active, regional food mecca; lake-centric; open to new ideas; unique urban flavor in a small city setting; central residents & visitors can easily live a car-free lifestyle.
Farmer's Market
Social & Cultural
A creative, solutions-driven community integrating arts & science; with equitable access and exposure to all Madison has to offer, helping all to flourish.
Concert on the Square
New, high-capacity transit seamlessly interconnected into a system of modes, made efficient with smart mobility technology; improving air quality and equitable workforce mobility as we grow population; a model bike city with intercity rail connections and global access.
Bus Rapid Transit

Future Growth