Triangle Monona Bay Plan

The Planning Division is working with the Triangle and Monona Bay Neighborhoods to develop a plan for a strong and complete neighborhood. The planning process will last approximately one year and it will focus on land use and physical improvements. The plan will be consistent with the policies of the City's Comprehensive Plan, and it will build upon recommendations of the Greening Americas Capitals Report and other relevant City plans. It will include a detailed land use map for the overall neighborhood study area; alternative site layout and design schematics for identified focus areas; design guidelines and programming (building height, scale, massing, orientation); sustainability principles; parks and open space recommendations; a shared services and facilities recommendation map; a transportation concepts and circulation map; and an implementation plan.

Triangle Monona Bay Area

The neighborhood planning process will be facilitated by the Planning Division and led by an 11-member neighborhood steering committee appointed by the Mayor's Office. The committee will be comprised of: two residents from the Monona Bay Neighborhood Association; three residents of the Community Development Authority and Bayview owned properties; 5 representatives owning businesses and/or commercial property in the planning area, including multi-family developments; and one at-large representative. The Steering Committee and Planning Division will regularly update and conduct public participation activities with residents, major property owners, property managers, community center staff, neighborhood groups, and businesses throughout the planning process.

The Kickoff Cookout for the year-long planning process is September 14, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. at the Triangle greenspace on Braxton Place.

There will be two or three more large-scale meetings during the year-long planning process to engage the public along with such activities as focus groups, interviews, surveys and facilitated sessions at regular meetings of neighborhood groups and other stakeholders.

Last Updated: 09/13/2017