Yahara River Corridor Conceptual Study

The City of Madison's Planning Division is working to develop the planning vision for the Yahara River Corridor and environs. Seven plans in the last 19 years have made recommendations for the Yahara River Parkway and adjacent properties.

City of Madison Comprehensive Plan - 2006
East Washington Avenue Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan - 2008
Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Plan - 2008
East Rail Corridor Plan - 2004
Yahara River Parkway and Environs Master Plan - 1998
Emerson East-Eken Park Neighborhood Plan - 1998
Marquette-Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood Plan -1994

The purpose of this study will be to review these plans and explore implementation strategies. The implementation of these recommendations will require a finer degree of planning and design.

Yahara Gateway and Parkway Summary and Overview

July 16th Public Meeting

Presentation Materials

March 12th Public Meeting

January 30th Public Meeting

September 25th Public Meeting

City staff has collected the comments from the September 25th public meeting and created a composite summary document. This document has listed the comments which were written by participants on maps during the meeting workshop session. Staff has also assembled a summary of comments written on comment cards. Please see the links below:

Adjacent Area Plans

Central Park Master Plan

Check back often for project updates.

Yahara Bridge

Last Updated: 08/27/2015


Public Meeting #3
Yahara River Corridor Conceptual Study

July 16th 2014

John Wall Family Pavilion in Tenney Park

1414 East Johnson Street