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Real Property Tax Bill Sample

Q: What is the “First Dollar Credit”?
A: The First Dollar Credit was new with tax year 2008. Unlike the lottery credit, property owners who are eligible will receive the credit on their bill automatically without any forms to sign or applications to submit. To be eligible, the property (otherwise known as the "parcel") must have an improvement. If you have an amount listed in the box labeled "Ass'd Value Improvements" in the upper left part of your tax bill, you qualify for the credit. The amount of the credit will be the same for all parcels within the same school district as long as the value of the improvements meets a small threshold amount. For 2013 the amounts range between $71.15 and $88.67 (depending on school district). The credit is divided between the first installment, due January 31st, and the 2nd installment, due July 31st.

Q: What is the lottery credit and do I qualify for one?
A: Property owners can receive a lottery and gaming credit on their primary residence. The credit must be applied for. To be eligible to receive the credit you must complete an application form (see Wisconsin Dept of Revenue ). During the months of December and January, return the completed application to the city treasurer. All other times the application should be returned to the Dane County Treasurer. Please remember two restrictions:

  1. The property must have been your primary residence on January 1st, 2013
  2. You may only claim the lottery credit on one property—your primary residence.

The lottery credit is based on the school district in which you live and is applied to the amount of first installment due.

Q: Why is there a reference to a “drainage district” on my property tax bill?
A: A small number of properties (tax parcels) in the City of Madison are in drainage districts. As of 2008 if a parcel is within a drainage district, the city is required to indicate that on the tax bill. If your property is within a drainage district (this applies to less than 5% of the parcels in Madison), you will see a reference to that in the upper right portion of the tax bill. In addition to the name of the district, you will see a dollar sign ($) and a zero. In theory, property within a drainage district could be assessed for work done in that district. If that were the case, the dollar amount of the assessment would be listed. However, for 2013 there were no assessments (therefore, the "$0"). Drainage district work is usually done in rural areas. It is not anticipated that any parcels within the city of Madison will have a drainage assessment in the foreseeable future.