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Watch Special Registration Deputy Training Video

Please note:

  • Certification Form must be completed, returned and approved before SRD activity begins.
  • Individuals deputized in other Dane County Municipalities are not required to complete the above training. Please contact the Clerk's office.

NOTE: Effective April 4, 2014, proof of address is required with every voter registration.  The Clerk’s Office is not allowed to process voter registration forms without proof of address provided by the voter. 

The  following documents can be used as proof of address:

  • Utility bill issued within the last 90 days.
  • Bank or credit union statement.
  • Current and valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin identification card.
  • Real estate tax bill or receipt for the current year or the previous year.
  • Paycheck.
  • Document issued by a unit of government.
  • Check issued by a unit of government.
  • College fee statement issued in the last nine months, accompanied by student ID card.
  • Affidavit from a public or private social service agency, on letterhead, identifying an individual who is homeless and indicating where that individual resides.  Social Services Agency sample letter for homeless voters registration requirement
  • Official identification card or license issued by a Wisconsin governmental body or unit
  • Identification card issued by an employer in the normal course of business, which has a photograph of the cardholder, but not a business card.
  • Residential lease effective on the day of registration (cannot be used if registering to vote by mail).

List of Individuals Deputized


What is a Voter Education Ambassador? 

Voter Education Ambassadors are Special Registration Deputies who complete additional training offered by the City Clerk.  This training empowers Ambassadors to provide complete and accurate answers to frequently asked questions about the voting process, absentee ballots, voter residency, accessibility, and more. 

Ambassadors share the City Clerk’s Office goal for all eligible voters to be able to cast a ballot, and for that ballot to be counted.  They volunteer to work with the City Clerk’s Office and other Voter Education Ambassadors on voter outreach efforts, voter registration drives, and the recruitment of additional Special Registration Deputies throughout the City of Madison. 

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