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You do not need to RSVP for training sessions

Election Officials must attend one hour of training before each election.


Voter Registration and In-Person Absentee Voting

Quick Guide to In-Person Absentee Voting (Coming Soon)


The following materials are updated to reflect the most recent legal changes to State Elections law (as of 09/13/2016):

Quick Guides:

Quick Guide to Checking ID

Quick Guide to Election Day Registrations

Quick Guide to Processing Absentee Ballots

Quick Guide to Provisional Poll Book Documentation

Quick Guide to Remaking Ballots

Quick Guide to Returning PV


Closing the Polls Task Sheets

Election Day Checklist

Opening the Polls Task Sheets

Shift Change


These materials have not been updated to reflect current changes to election law

Counting Votes Manual(State Elections Commission)

DS200i Ballot Scenarios

Respecting Cultural Differences at the Polls

Equity & Engagement at the Polls



Online Training is not an acceptable substitute for in-person training for the November Election.

These videos have not been updated to reflect Voter ID and other important changes to State Law.

Remaking Ballots

Processing Absentee Ballots

Working at the Poll Book Table

Working with Observers at your Polling Place

Election Official Ethical Considerations

Balanced and Secure Elections

New Chief Inspectors: Beyond the Baseline

Election Official Manuals

City of Madison Election Official guide

State of Wisconsin Election Day Manual

Completing Election Day Forms (PDF) 

Wisconsin State Statutes: Elections

Chapter 5 (PDF)

Chapter 6 (PDF)

Chapter 7 (PDF)

Chapter 8 (PDF)

Chapter 9 (PDF)

Chapter 10 (PDF)

Chapter 11 (PDF)

Chapter 12 (PDF)


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