Provide City employees with the ability to access network services from any location in the world and provide citizens worldwide access to public information and services. These services will be provided securely, accurately, dependably and expeditiously.

Mission Statement

In order to provide secure, accurate, dependable and expeditious access to network services for city employees and citizens, the Network Administration Team will strive to continuously improve and support the following services:

  • Network Management: Directory Services, Remote Access, Print and File services, Application Management, Remote Management, Desktop Management and Virus Protection
  • Messaging Collaboration: E-mail, World Wide Access to E-mail, Pager, Faxing, Wireless, Virus Protection and Spam Filtering
  • Server Management: Hardware and OS
  • Storage Management: Backups/Restores
  • Service Continuation: Site Redundancy

Direction Statement

  1. Network Management
    1. We will employ products and management tools that are compatible with our network directory.
    2. We will provide city employees and other authorized personnel remote access to network resources.
    3. We will provide city employees with the ability to access authorized files and network printers from any location on the network.
    4. We will deliver, to any PC on the network, all applications that our customers require to perform their job duties.
    5. We will provide support staff the ability to remotely manage PC's on the network.
      1. Provide the ability to remote control PC's
      2. Provide the ability to install software
      3. Provide the ability to troubleshoot
    6. Provide customers with the authority needed to perform their jobs, while securing the desktop from malicious or inadvertent changes that may corrupt workstation integrity.
  2. Messaging Collaboration
    1. We will provide the ability to send and receive e-mail, from anyone, to anyone, from anywhere in the world.
    2. Provide City employees with the ability to send pages via our e-mail system.
    3. Support current fax technology.
    4. The ability to access our messaging system from any supported wireless device.
  3. Server Management
    1. Replace servers on a routine basis in order to:
      1. Improve or maintain an acceptable level of performance.
      2. Meet minimum vendor supported hardware requirements.
      3. Stay abreast of current technology.
      4. Minimize maintenance costs.
      5. Replace servers using the following guidelines.
        1. Application servers will be replaced every three to five years.
        2. Office and Mail servers will be replaced every three to four years.
      6. Continue to use vendor provided management tools to monitor server hardware health.
      7. We will maintain a current level of software while maintaining the stability of our network.
  4. Storage Management
    1. Provide a fast, highly available, easily expandable data storage warehouse and backup solution.


The mission of the City Information Technology Telecommunications Section is to provide a dependable, acceptable, efficient, secure and cost effective transport mechanism between City, County, and State services and the customers authorized to use them.

  • Installs and configures hubs, routers, bridges and dial-up connections
  • Responsible for installing and maintaining physical network infrastructure - wiring, communication devices, etc.
  • Physical telephone support
  • Voice-mail administration


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