You can share large files with customers outside the City email system by using our FTP site:

You can open the site in Windows Explorer to easily drag and drop files. Click on the Page, Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

Unless requested, folders and files are accessible to everyone. If you need to secure a file, email the HelpDesk with the folder name you would like created, and who should have permissions to the folder. To share with a vendor or customer, you would email them the above information.

Best Practices

Do not share large files via email. Any files larger than 25MB be shared using a shared folder:

  • Use of a common directory (e.g. ISCOMMON, CLCOMMON, BICOMMON, etc.), with full rights granted to all employees in a given agency, is our standard practice and provides a convenient place for agencies to share files with fellow agency employees. However, it should be noted that sensitive information such as juvenile or HIPAA related information should not be stored in these directories.
  • On each file server resides a COMMON directory, which is an ideal place to temporarily store files that need to be shared between agencies. Full rights to ALL employees have been granted for this directory, so it is important that no sensitive information is stored in this directory at any time.
  • All sensitive information should be stored in a secure area of the file server for which only those employees who are authorized have access. If an area does not already exist on the network that is suitable to store this sensitive information, your agency network security contact may request, via the IS HelpDesk, to have this structure created.
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