Position Description Form

Writing a Position Description

  1. Enter Employee's complete name (or "vacant") and work phone number.
  2. Give the present classification title. If you do not know, ask your immediate supervisor, payroll clerk, or the Human Resources Department.
  3. Enter any other working title for the job, if different than the class title.
  4. Enter the name and class of the immediate supervisor and work phone.
  5. Enter the City Department, Division, Section, etc. of this budgeted position.
  6. Provide the street address of the work place.
  7. Enter the total number of hours worked per week and the regular hours for starting and stopping work. If the work periods involve a shift, or are irregular, please describe briefly.
  8. List the date of hire in this class.
  9. Indicate the date from which all of the duties described on the position description have been regularly performed. This may differ from the date of hire, if the position has changed.
  10. The position summary is typically found in the class specification, but should be revised as needed to describe a specific position.
  11. This section should highlight the primary functions of the position and the specific tasks performed in conjunction with each. Each function should be identified by a capital letter, followed by specific tasks associated with each function. Generally there will be no more than five (5) separate and distinct functions assigned to any given position and no more than five (5) tasks associated with each function. This format provides an outline of the work performed. You are also asked to show the approximate percentage of time associated with each function. The sum of all the functions should equal 100%.

    The following example identifies specific functions (e.g., "maintain building grounds") and tasks (e.g. "mow lawns") associated with each:

    1. 70% Perform repairs to facility operating equipment (such as...).
      1. Receive and review work orders identifying necessary repairs.
      2. Diagnose malfunctions using appropriate test equipment (such as...).
      3. Identify and obtain replacement parts and/or materials.
      4. Complete necessary repairs.
      5. Maintain related reports and records.
    2. 30% Maintain building grounds.
      1. Mow lawns using power mowers and trimmers.
      2. Remove litter, trash, and debris.
      3. Remove snow and ice from walkways using hand and power tools (such as snow blowers...).
      4. Apply fertilizers and herbicide.
  12. Briefly describe the primary knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position. Do not list degree requirements and/or years of experience, but rather highlight the primary requirements (e.g., "ability to diagnose and repair H.V.A.C. equipment", "ability to prepare detailed engineering drawings", "knowledge of microcomputer operations," etc.). This information can appear on the class specification, but should show the needs of the specific position on the position description.
  13. List the special tools or equipment required to perform assigned work. Identify the specific task where the tools and equipment are used. For example, "operate a voltmeter to check current" (A2) - see #11 above.
  14. List licenses and/or registration, etc. required to perform assigned work. Identify the specific task for which the license/registration is required. For example, State certification to apply herbicide (B4) - see #11 above.
  15. Highlight the essential physical requirements of the position to include any lifting requirements, climbing, or other strenuous activity; also indicate any prolonged and/or repetitive physical activity which is inherent in the work. Again, please be specific.
  16. Indicate the level and type of supervision received. Is the work performed under immediate supervision, reviewed upon completion, or reviewed for overall results? How is the supervisor involved in the activities of the position?
  17. Indicate responsibility for subordinate staff, if any, by checking the appropriate statement that pertains. Please note that supervisory positions must be accompanied by a supervisory analysis form and organization chart(s).
  18. Employee, please check appropriate statement and sign and date.
  19. First-Line Supervisor, please check appropriate statement and sign and date.
    Sign and date the form if it is to be submitted as a hard copy. If sending the form electronically, please provide the name and date on signature lines.

If you have questions and/or would like assistance in the completion of the position description form please call the Human Resources Department at 266-4615.

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