Employee engagement is critical in providing exemplary service for the City of Madison. Engaged public employees see serving the public with integrity as a primary motivator in their daily work life.

Engaged employees work with passion. Because they recognize a connection between their own work and the organizational goals, they work hard to innovate and improve, and they often have an emotional connection to their work.

Equity is a part of creating a culture of engagement. In order to create an effective engagement process, equity must be a part of the discussion. However, equity is not just a means; it is also an end goal.

The City of Madison, through the efforts of dedicated employees and elected officials, strives to deliver the highest quality services and provide a fair and orderly system of governance for our citizens and visitors. At the City of Madison we are always looking for ways to improve and better deliver on our mission.

With this in mind the City of Madison is building employee engagement and equity across all of the various City Departments and Divisions. The engagement and equity initiative is designed to create a culture where employees can be fully involved in and passionate about their work. It is through our most innovative, talented, and engaged employees that we are able to make the most significant difference in making Madison a great place to live, learn, work, and play.

- Mayor Soglin

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