Fleet/Fire/Radio Shop Facility

Last Updated: 05/08/2018

Update: May 08, 2018

Updated "Preliminary Exterior Design" added.

New Fleet Services/Fire Maintenance/Radio Shop Facility

This project is the development of a new building for Fleet/Fire/Radio Shop Facility located on Lots 2 thru 6 at Nakoosa Trail and Commercial Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. The Fleet/Fire/Radio Shop Facility will provide light, medium and heavy vehicle service and repair spaces for the City of Madison’s fleet of public safety, police, emergency vehicles, public works vehicles and equipment, fire apparatus and other service automobiles, trucks and equipment. The area of this building will be around 110,000 square feet.

1st Advertisement of Bid:  Tentatively January 2019
Anticipated Construction to begin April 2019 with completion expected April 2020
Public Works Contract: TBD

LEED Goals:  The scope of this project includes designing and constructing a facility, including site development, which will achieve LEED Certification-Silver following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEEDv3 for New Construction (LEED-NCv3) Rating System.

Preliminary Exterior Design of Proposed New Fleet Services/Fire Maintenance/Radio Shop Facility
(subject to change during the next phase of the design process)