Last Updated: 09/28/2017

Roof Replacement

The intent of this project is to replace the existing 35 year old, 165,000 ft² EPDM roofing system with a new one that will increase the overall thermal efficiency and provide a 20 year non-prorated warranty from the roofing manufacturer. The scope of this work will consist of the following:

  • The existing ballasted EPDM membrane roofing system shall be removed in sections that shall minimize rain infiltration exposure to the building.

  • Once the existing roof has been removed, the existing steel deck, insulation and plywood shall be inspected and any deteriorated sections shall be replaced on a unit cost basis.

  • Additional wood blocking shall be installed as shown on the plans and specifications.

  • An additional 3”of Polyisocyanurate board insulation will be added over the existing insulation in order to achieve an overall R-value greater than R-20.

  • The existing scuppers shall be enlarged to a minimum opening height of 4”.

  • The existing drains shall be upgraded with cast iron strainers.

  • Obsolete penetrations and a roof hatch that is no longer used shall be removed and covered.

  • Minor repointing of existing brick masonry walls above flashing shall be performed.

  • Thru wall ductwork for one of the roof top units HV5) shall be reworked in order to provide a warrantable penetration.

  • Exhaust fans with low curbs shall be raised to an elevation that allows for a minimum height of 8” between the top of the curb and the final roof elevation.

  • A new 60 mil ballasted roofing system shall be installed.

    City User Agency:  Madison Metro
    Planning and Design: Present to 11/03/2017

    1st Advertisement of Bid: 11/3/17

    Bid Due Date: 12/15/17

    Construction Start Date: Anytime after 4/1/18

    Expected Completion Date: Before 11/30/18

    Expected Completion: Late 2018

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