Mineral Point Road / Midvale Blvd

Last Updated 09/17/2015

Stage 4 required some unforeseen storm sewer work which will be completed this week
Water main work for stage 4 will also be completed this week
Concrete sidewalk will be poured tomorrow (9/18)
Grading and placement of base aggregate will begin on Monday next week
Electrical conduit and bases will be installed next week
Curb and gutter is planned to be poured late next week
Traffic control will remain in the stage 4 for about another week and a half
Midvale Blvd traffic is shifted to the east half of the road
Local traffic is allowed to use the west side of Midvale Blvd to access their homes
Traffic on Mineral Point Road is shifted to the north side of the road
Contractor will be coordinating regularly with residents in the construction zone to keep them updated on access
As always, left turns are not allowed at the intersection from any direction
Madison PD has been on site enforcing the “No Left Turns”
The sidewalk within the work zone on the south side of Mineral Point Rd and the west side of Midvale Blvd is closed.  Pedestrians should cross to the other side of the street at the nearest intersection.

Project Overview

The City of Madison is proposing to reconstruct the intersection of Midvale Blvd. and Mineral Point Rd. in 2015.  The project is scheduled to begin on July 6, 2015.  The project includes adding east and west bound left turn lanes on Mineral Point Road.  THe project also includes pavement, curb and gutter, street lighting, traffic signal, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main improvements.  A plan of the project can be found here:  Plan

The intersection of Mineral Point Road and Midvale Boulevard is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2015. Left turn lanes on east bound and west bound Mineral Point Road will be added with the project. The hill on north bound Midvale Boulevard, north of the intersection will be also be regraded with the project. Upgrades to the Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Street Lighting and Traffic Signals will also be performed.
The city held a public information meeting to present the project and give opportunity for public input. The meeting was held on June 18, 2015 at Sequoya Library. View the presentation and handout.