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About the Project Last Updated 05/27/2015

Project Overview

The City is currently in a multi-year program of reconstructing the Capitol Outer Loop (Webster, Dayton, Fairchild & Doty Streets). Webster, Dayton, Fairchild and part of Doty Street has been reconstructed from 2010-2013. The one remaining phase left for the project is East Doty Street from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to S. Webster St. is scheduled to undergo reconstruction in 2016. It will be coordinated with the Judge Doyle Square Redevelopment project. More details will be provided as they are available.

Project Details

Webster Street Madison, WI
Dayton Street Madison, WI
Fairchild Street Madison, WI
Doty Street Madison, WI
Area: Central
Estimated Schedule: 03/01/2016 to 11/01/2016
Project Status: Planning

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