City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


Image: Sanitary Sewer
Sanitary Sewer manages, operates, constructs and maintains the Madison Sewer Utility. The Sewer Utility directs the planning, design, construction and repair of public sanitary sewer facilities. All proposed land use changes are reviewed for sanitary sewer impact prior to approval. Extensions to the public sewerage system are financed by the owners of lands directly benefiting from the improvements, or through construction by private developers. Developers construct sewers at their own expense in accordance with City design standards and specifications. The Sewer Utility assumes ownership and responsibility for maintenance and operation of these sewers upon acceptance of the improvements by the Common Council. Maintenance efforts include the repair, cleaning, and removal of blockages in over 665 miles of sewer main managed by Sewer Utility.


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