City of Madison

City of Madison Finance | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette

City of Madison Executive 2008 Operating Budget

Department Permanent Salary Detail (PSD) Minor Objects (MO) Capital Assets (CA)
Fire PSD MO ---
Police PSD MO CA
Public Health-Madison and Dane County PSD MO ---
Common Council PSD MO ---
Mayor PSD MO ---
Municipal Court PSD MO ---
Department of Civil Rights PSD MO ---
Affirmative Action PSD MO ---
Equal Opportunity PSD MO ---
Attorney PSD MO ---
Assessor PSD MO ---
Clerk PSD MO ---
Treasurer PSD MO ---
Clerk-Treasurer PSD MO ---
Madison City Channel PSD MO ---
Comptroller PSD MO ---
Information Technology PSD MO ---
Human Resources PSD MO ---
Overture Center PSD MO CA
Monona Terrace PSD MO CA
Public Works & Transportation PSD --- ---
Engineering PSD MO CA
Sewer Utility --- MO CA
Stormwater Utility --- MO CA
Landfill --- MO CA
Municipal Pool PSD MO ---
Golf Enterprise PSD MO CA
Streets PSD MO ---
Water Utility PSD MO CA
Metro Transit PSD MO CA
Traffic Engineering PSD MO CA
Parking Utility PSD MO CA
Fleet Service PSD MO CA
Office of the Director of Planning and Community and Economic Development PSD MO ---
Planning Division PSD MO ---
Neighborhood Preservation and Inspection Division PSD MO ---
Economic and Community Development Division PSD MO ---
Housing Operations PSD MO ---
Community Development Block Grant PSD MO ---
Community Services PSD MO ---
Senior Center PSD MO ---
Library PSD MO CA