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Edgewood Students Donate Stuffed Animals For Kids Experiencing Trauma

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016 - 1:12pm

Edgewood students and Madison firefighters
Members of Edgewood College’s Child Life Association has generously donated stuffed animals to the Madison Fire Department EMS Division.

Late last year, the association held an event where members created 26 Build-A-Bear animals, according to Jessica Krahmer, Child Life Association Officer at Edgewood College.

“We would like to donate them … to be given to children experiencing trauma,” she said.
EMS Training Officer Beth Risler, along with firefighters from Fire Station 1, happily accepted the donation on Friday, January 29.
The fuzzy family of cuddly creatures includes a dinosaur, police K9, a Minion, and even Bucky Badger.
We thank the members of Edgewood College’s Child Life Association for this thoughtful act of kindness, which will surely go on to bring a touch of comfort to local children in their time of need.

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