• MFD Welcomes Twenty New Recruits! Posted 10/03/2016

    Today marks the beginning of Recruit Class 5 at the Madison Fire Department.   A total of 20 recruits were hired from a pool of over 1,600 applicants. These candidates went through a written (video-based) exam followed by a series of interviews with community members, department members, and the Fire Chief. Lastly, they all passed a physical ability test (PAT) to ensure they will be able to perform the very demanding physical tasks this job requires.   Read more »
  • Madison Fire Recruit Class 4 Begins Posted 07/06/2015

    Six individuals begin an accelerated recruit academy with the City of Madison Fire Department on Monday, July 6. The abbreviated academy covers the essentials required to function on a daily basis. Following the four-week program, recruits will be assigned to a crew at one of our thirteen fire stations where they will continue with an “on the job” training curriculum.    Read more »
  • Madison Fire Department Awarded Many Honors at County EMS Banquet Posted 02/23/2015

    The annual Dane County EMS Banquet was held this weekend, and Madison Fire Department was well represented in many of the categories. Read more »
  • The MFD is on the move Posted 01/28/2015

    As of today, Fire Station #1 at 316 W. Dayton Street is temporarily closed for remodeling.  We have relocated the 12-person crews who work from that station to locations around the downtown area.  We do not anticipate any interruption or delays in service based on the resource allocations. Read more »
  • Apollo Road Fire Posted 08/19/2014

    On August 8, 2014 around 7:30 p.m., the Madison Fire Department was faced with one of the largest structure fires the Department has ever seen.  I was at the Central Storage Warehouse fire in 1991, and although the total destruction caused by that fire was higher, including overall cost, the sheer volume of fire was much larger with the Apollo Way event. In my 25 years of service to the City of Madison, it was the most fire I have seen in a single burning structure.  Read more »
  • Fire Station Place Making Posted 08/04/2014

    On Saturday August 2, 2014 Fire Station #5 on Cottage Grove Road opened its doors to the neighborhood.  I am pleased to announce that the Firefighter Fun Day was an overwhelming success!  Since taking over the position of Fire Chief, it has been a vision of mine to open the stations to the community as meeting places.  The event that Station #5 hosted was a great example of place-making at its finest.  The crew on the "A" shift played host to over 300 people from the neighborhood and city.  People of all ages--from the very young to the very old--gathered for food and fun. Read more »
  • Fire Station 13 is Open for Response Posted 06/02/2014

    After several years of planning, drawings, and staffing and response planning, Fire Station #13 opened for service today 0700 hours.  The Department is very excited and proud to be providing a high level of EMS and Fire service to the citizens on the far east side of the city.  As Madison continues to expand into the surrounding countryside, the Fire Department has faced challenges on how to meet the demand for calls for service in a timely fashion.  As we have seen in the past, a new fire station sometimes looks lonely in a field at first, but then one day it is surrounded by the hustle an Read more »
  • Fire Admin Has Moved! Posted 08/07/2013

    Since 1968 the Madison Fire Department has been headquartered at 325 W. Johnson Street. We have officially temporarily moved! Our new offices are located at 30 W. Mifflin Street. We are now occupying the 8th and 9th floor. We were able to move with no interruption is service. The staff did a tremendous job!  (imagine the stuff we had) Read more »
  • MFD Fitness Challenge Results Posted 05/22/2013

    If you have seen any of the local (or national) media referring to the Madison Fire Department as a group of "losers"...they are correct!   This past January, the Madison Fire Department, along with Firefighters Local 311, challenged its personnel with a friendly competition to promote "strength in numbers" by connecting civilian employees, command staff, and sworn (Local 311) personnel with the goal of improved health and wellness.  The Fitness challenge concluded in mid April with amazing results.  As a department, we lost over 1,050 pounds and, most importantly, made great strides in eat Read more »
  • Why do I see two or three fire trucks at my local grocery store every morning? Posted 01/10/2013

    This is a common question that many fire departments receive. The Madison Fire Department is staffed by firefighters, paramedics and fire officers who work 24-hour shifts.  A typical shift includes training, fire safety inspections, firehouse tours, checking the trucks and equipment, cleaning the station, shoveling the sidewalks, mowing the grass and responding to emergencies. Read more »
  • Why do we send a fire truck when you call for an ambulance? Posted 12/03/2012

    This is the #1 question that members of the department are asked by members of our community. Read more »