Paramedics and Healthcare Partners Come Together To Help Local Woman

Posted on Friday, August 11, 2017 - 2:45pm

Paramedics in exposure suitsParamedics and EMTs tailor their service to the specific needs of each patient, oftentimes doing so on the fly while keeping a litany of proper protocols in mind.

Medic 4 recently responded to a call at an occupancy known to contain bed bugs. Bed bugs are pervasive and easy to spread, so special care must be taken when treating patients exposed to them. Additionally, this patient was living in unsafe conditions—her residence covered in other bugs and feces.

Though the paramedics were able to easily address the problem she had originally called about, they believed there was more they could do for her.
Along with Madison Police and UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital, Medic 4 came up with a plan to admit her to the hospital and begin a transition toward a better, healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about how our paramedics partner with local hospitals to reduce medical emergencies and improve the lives of our neighbors: Visit our Community Paramedicine page and watch the video below.




Pictured above: Paramedics Eric Schrader and David Shecter in special suits utilized to minimize exposure to bed bugs.

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