A Day In The Life Of A Madison Firefighter

  • MFD Behind The Scenes: Fire Recruit Fitness Training Posted 10/21/2016

    Physical fitness is critical to the success of firefighters rising to the challenges of the fire ground.   A couple times a week, recruits in the Madison Fire Department's Class 5 break away from the classroom to focus on fitness training. Read more »
  • Welcome Home: Cooper's Hawk Returns To Willy Street Posted 09/30/2016

    Back in August, a Cooper's hawk paid an unexpected visit to firefighters and paramedics at Fire Station 3 on Williamson Street when he accidentally flew into one of the station's windows. Though he tried to shake it off, witnesses knew this hawk needed help.   Read more »
  • An Unexpected Call At Station 3 Posted 08/10/2016

    Last night at Station 3, we were mingling after supper and a woman walked over to us to tell us about a hawk that may be injured. She witnessed the Cooper's hawk fly into a station window and fall to the ground. It tried valiantly to fly away but could not get more than a few feet off the ground. A small crowd had gathered and asked if we could help. Read more »
  • Saving Santa at Station 3 Posted 07/12/2015

    "Santa! Santa, can you hear me?!" Firefighter Elizabeth Smith crawls into the dark recesses of Station 3's basement on Williamson Street. It was reported that Santa was trapped inside a room succumbed to a chimney fire gone bad. It wasn’t clear which room, however, and a search operation needed to begin. Read more »
  • MFD Mailbag: Kudos For the Crew of Engine 7A Posted 07/07/2015

    When our firefighters take an oath to protect life and property, sometimes it means going the extra mile in some of the most unexpected situations. A grateful citizen wished to express her sincere thanks after a few of our A-shift firefighters took time to help a family of ducks in distress on Sunday, July 5. She writes: Read more »

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