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Code Enforcement: Do I Need a Permit?

Madison General Ordinance (MGO) – 34 & the International Fire Code (IFC) requires the following licenses (permits). Click on the links to access the PDFs.



Aerosol Products - manufacture, store or handle Contact Fire
Access, Fire Contact Fire Protection Engineering Unit
Amusement Buildings - operation Contact Fire
Assembly, Places of - operation Contact Fire
Aviation Buildings Contact Fire
Battery Systems - install Contact Fire
Burning (See Open Burning) Contact Fire
Cellulose Nitrate Film - store, handle or use Contact Fire
Combustible Dust Producing Operation Contact Fire
Combustible Fibers - storage or handling Contact Fire
Compressed Gases - storage, use or handling Contact Fire
Covered Malls Contact Fire
Cryogenic Fluids - produce, store, transport on site, use, handle or dispense Contact Fire
Cutting or Welding - conduct operations Contact Fire
Dry Cleaning & Dry Dyeing Contact Fire
Explosives - manufacture, storage, handling, sale or use of Contact Fire
Fire Extinguisher Maintenance - an exam is also necessary Contact Fire
Fireworks Event Permit Contact Fire
Fireworks Permit, Possession or Use of  
Flammable and Combustible Liquids - store, handle or use Doug Milks
(608) 261-9847
Garages, Repair or Service - operation Contact Fire
HazMat 704 Signage Contact Fire
Hazardous Materials - store, transport on site, dispense, use or handle Contact Fire
Hazardous Production Materials (HDM) Facilities - store, handle or use hazardous production materials Contact Fire
High-Piled Storage - Combustible Contact Fire
LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) - install
(500 - 1,999 gallons)
Contact Fire
Lumberyards, Woodworking Plants, and Building Material Dealers - storage or processing of lumber Contact Fire
Magnesium - melt, cast, heat treat, or grind Contact Fire
MFD Work Permit Application Contact Fire
Open Burning - kindling or maintaining on public or private ground Contact Fire
Organic Coating Contact Fire
Pyroxylin Plastics - storage, handling or the assembly or manufacture of articles involving Pyroxylin plastics Contact Fire
Private Fire Hydrant Maintenance Contact Fire
Retail Sales of Fireworks Contact Fire
Spraying or Dipping - conduct a spraying or dipping operation utilizing flammable or combustible liquids or the application of combustible powders Contact Fire
Storage, High-Piled (see High-Piled Storage - Combustible) Contact Fire
Storage of Scrap Tires, Tire Byproducts Contact Fire
Storage Tank, containing flammable/combustible/hazardous liquid - install (Less than 5,000 gallons) Cheryl Peterson (608) 261-9657
Storage Tank, containing flammable/combustible/hazardous liquid - removal or closure Cheryl Peterson (608) 261-9657

Temporary Membrane Structures - Tents, Canopies

Fire Prevention Division
Waste Handling - operation of wrecking yards, junkyards and waste material-handling facilities Contact Fire
Wood Products - store chips, hogged material, lumber or plywood Contact Fire