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Image: Children's Presentation

Children Fire Safety Presentations

All staff members of the Community Education Unit are available upon request to give children fire safety presentations. Although the majority of requests come from preschools, kindergartens, grades 1-3, Scout Troops, and other children organizations, fire safety presentations can be given to kids of any age and will be tailored for the specific audience and age group. Depending on the group of children, topics might include:

  • Stop, Drop, and Roll
  • Crawl Low Under Smoke
  • Matches and Lighter Safety
  • Adult Tools vs. Children Toys
  • Smoke Detectors
  • What is an Emergency?
  • Dial 9-1-1 & Emergency Information
  • Escape Plans & Exit Drills
  • Firefighters Are Your Friends
  • Firefighter Gear
  • Hazard House

To schedule a children fire safety presentation call (608) 266-4420 or contact any of the Community Education Unit Staff Members.

Fire Safety Aerobics Program

This program is a series of fire prevention skills put together with music to help young children understand what they should do to stay safe if a fire were to occur in their home. The hands-on approach with this program makes it fun and helps children retain the information. The Fire Safety Aerobics Program covers smoke detectors, rolling out of bed and crawling low, feeling the door for heat, knowing two ways out, having a meeting place outside, and calling 9-1-1. This program requires the use of a tape recorder to play the music. For more information on this program or to schedule a presentation contact Lori Wirth at (608) 266-5947.
Image: Hazard House

Hazard House

The hazard house is an excellent tool used to captivate and teach children (4th grade and up), as well as adults, how to prevent and reduce hazards in the home and what to do in the event of an emergency. The simulated smoke from a fire, smoke detectors sounding, electrical arching, and visual graphics and props draw students (young or old) into the house, captivating their attention throughout a typical 1 hour presentation. The house includes safety demonstrations and information for all the major rooms of the house including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, stairwells, offices, basements, attics, and garages. Some of the safety topics covered include fire, carbon monoxide, electrical, firearm, and poison safety. Children and adults will learn the importance of maintaining their homes to be safe from hazards, as well as how to develop emergency escape plans in case of an emergency. The program also includes a component on neighborhood safety covering topics such as water (pool), pedestrian, playground, automobile, and bike safety.

To schedule a presentation using the Hazard House, please contact one of the members of the Community Education Unit.

The Hazard House was made possible through community donations from Culvers and Wal-Mart.
Image: Children & Fire Logo

Children & Fire Program

The Children and Fire Program is a program which helps juvenile firesetters using safety education and counseling. The program is a cooperative effort between the Madison Fire Department Community Education and the Investigation Units. The kids are referred to the program through the schools, Police Department, concerned parents and Madison Fire Department personnel.

They range from 2 to 17 years of age, the majority are male. After a juvenile is referred to the program, initial contact is made with the family. Contact is also made at the childs school and fire safety assignments are given. After a certain length of time and a number of follow-up contacts are made (depending on the severity of fire play), the child will complete the program. They may receive a Children and Fire Program certificate signed by Fire Chief Steven Davis.

Early identification of the motivation of fire setters and early intervention can help to reduce or eliminate dangers to the home and community. Whatever the cause of the fire setting behavior, it may be possible to replace it with more constructive activity. Fire setting causes may also be reduced through guidance and screening. For more information on this program contact Bernadette Galvez at (608) 261-9844.
Image: Fire Safety House

Fire Safety House

A donation from the Madison Area Builders Association to the Dane County Fire Chiefs Association in 1994, the Fire Safety House is a mobile structure transported to schools throughout Dane County. The Fire Safety House helps children learn how to identify fire hazards and how to escape from an actual smoke-filled room. Each year it is estimated that more than 5,000 students from schools practice fire safety in this Fire Safety House. Upon request and depending on the availability of the House, the Community Education Unit can schedule and staff the mobile Fire Safety House for schools. The Fire Safety House is shared by all fire departments in Dane County and scheduling is limited.
Image: Oscar the Firedog

Oscar the Firedog

A donation from Findorff Builders, Oscar Mayer, and the American Society for Industrial Security, Oscar the Firedog is a powerful tool in delivering the message of safety and prevention to all ages. Oscar the Firedog teaches children and adults the importance of being safe in a fire and how to handle emergency situations. Oscar is the perfect way to teach children safety messages that they will enjoy and understand. Lessons include:

  • Matches and Lighters are Tools, Not Toys
  • Crawl Low Under Smoke
  • Stop, Drop, & Roll
  • Smoke Detectors