Basement Fire Displaces a West Side Family

Sunday, November 30, 2014 - 3:06pm

Fire Damages Basement of West Side Home

 The Madison Fire Department was called to a single family home at 6601 Piedmont Road late Saturday afternoon. The homeowner discovered the fire around 4:15 PM, and called 911. The first units arrived five minutes after the call came in. The homeowner was able to tell the first responders from Engine 7 that the fire was in the basement, and that all the people in the home had exited safely. They also informed responders that a pet snake was still in the basement.
Fire Engines 3, 4, 7, and 12, as well as Ladder Trucks 2 and 7, and Medic Units 7 and 9 were sent to the fire, and firefighters worked closely together to fight the blaze. As firefighters entered the home they found heavy smoke in the basement, which made it difficult to locate the source of the fire. After some extended effort, Engine 4 and Med 7 were able to locate and extinguish the fire. Ladder 2 made a search throughout the first and second floors of the house to confirm that there were no other people inside. As soon as the house had been ventilated by Ladder 7, the pet snake was rescued from the basement and taken to a neighbor’s home.
Crews did a great job of talking with the homeowners to assess the situation, which enabled them to safely knock down the fire. They were then able to go through the home and make sure that there were no additional areas that the fire had spread to.
As the family exited the home, they had closed the door to the room that the fire had started in. This helped firefighters to contain the fire and extinguish it quickly, before it spread to the rest of the home, or caused any injuries. The family was able to make arrangements for a place to stay as their home is being repaired.


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