Cause of Fire at 1138 Williamson Street has been Determined

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 4:52pm

Residents Get Out Safely and Assist Investigators

The Madison Fire Department responded at 10:30 PM on Monday March 16th to a residential fire at 1138 Williamson Street. The Madison Fire Department Investigation Division has concluded a fire investigation of the cause of the fire.
It has been determined that the origin of the fire was located in a first floor bathroom and the cause of the fire is as a result of an unspecified mechanical or electrical failure of a bathroom exhaust fan.
The residents of the home were very helpful in assisting the investigators by describing what they experienced that night. Their quick thinking and action allowed them to all escape the home safely.
That night the occupants began to smell smoke, and were alerted by a smoke alarm to a fire in the rear area of the home. As the occupants were evacuating, Paramedics in Madison Fire Department Medic 8 ambulance were passing by, and saw smoke and flames showing on the side of the home on the first and second stories. They called in the fire to the 911 call center. The residents informed the firefighters that everyone had evacuated.
Additional firefighters began arriving in four minutes, and a fire attack was started from both the front of the house and the back. Within minutes they were able to knock down the flames on the first floor, as well as the fire that had spread to the second floor.
A search of the home was made which confirmed that there were no other people in the home, and that the fire had not spread to the basement or attic. After the fire, the Red Cross was able to assist the occupants in finding temporary housing.


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