City of Madison Fire Department to Remodel Station #1

Monday, February 2, 2015 - 10:52am

City of Madison Fire Station #1 at 316 West Dayton Street, serving the Isthmus and downtown area will undergo remodeling and be temporarily closed for approximately 6-9 months.
Fire Station #1 is the City’s largest and busiest firehouse. The station, built in 1967, is in need of many improvements.  The remodeling will include energy efficiency improvements, community access and gender neutral living spaces. When completed, Fire Station 1 and Fire Administration will be part of the Ovation building.  This is a public/private partnership between the City of Madison and Hovde Properties.  A one of a kind project for the City of Madison.
During the remodeling, firefighters will be housed at the following stations to ensure response coverage.
Ladder 1 and Medic 9 will be housed at Fire Station #4 along with Engine 4.
Squad 4 will reside at Station #9 with Engine 9.
Medic 1 and Car 31 will join Engine 3 at Station #3.
MG&E has once again opened their doors to the Madison Fire Department by accommodating
Engine 1and Lake Rescue 1 at their 650 E. Main Street location. In 2001-2002, MG&E was used as a temporary headquarters for Station #3 at their Central Service Center during their remodel.
Emergency calls are responded to by multiple fire stations in order to ensure the highest quality and rapid response possible.


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