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Posted on Feb 28, 2015:
Sprinkler Douses Cooking Fire in 3rd Floor Apartment – No Injuries
Seventeen residents of a downtown apartment building are safe following a cooking fire in a 3rd floor apartment in the 500 block of West …
Posted on Feb 26, 2015:
One Firefighter Injured in High Rise Apartment Fire
One firefighter suffered minor injuries while fighting a fire in a high rise apartment complex.    The fire broke out at 344 W. Dayton Street, …
Posted on Feb 21, 2015:
Fire Causes $110,000 in Damage
A couple and their two dogs were not home when a fire broke out in their single family home.   The fire happened shortly before 10:00 am Saturday …
Posted on Feb 20, 2015:
One Transported Following Construction Site Collapse
Madison Fire Department paramedics transported a patient to UW Hospital this morning following a masonry collapse that briefly trapped a …
Posted on Feb 9, 2015:
Madison Firefighters Douse Residential Chimney Fire, No Injuries
City of Madison Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 4102 Green Ave. today. As crews headed to the scene, additional callers …
Posted on Feb 6, 2015:
New Madison Firefighters Graduate
    City of Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis marked the end of another recruit class, his third as chief, on Friday, February 6, with commencement …
Posted on Feb 2, 2015:
City of Madison Fire Department to Remodel Station #1
City of Madison Fire Station #1 at 316 West Dayton Street, serving the Isthmus and downtown area will undergo remodeling and be temporarily closed …
Posted on Jan 30, 2015:
Madison Firefighters Contain Fire to Single Apartment, 4 Occupants Displaced
Four people were displaced following a fire in their 12-unit, Westside apartment building this evening. Madison firefighters were called to 1321 …
Posted on Jan 23, 2015:
Tabor Oaks Fire Kept in Check by Sprinkler System –Residents Evacuate Safely
Residents of Tabor Oaks Assisted Living received an unwelcome early morning wake-up call after a fire broke out in a second floor apartment this …
Posted on Jan 5, 2015:
Garage Fire Extinguished in Minutes
City of Madison firefighters quickly extinguished a garage fire late this afternoon, preventing any damage to the adjacent residence.   There were …
Posted on Dec 30, 2014:
Early Morning Fire Causes Extensive Damage to an East Side Home
Early this morning the Madison fire Department responded to a house fire at 222 Harding Street on Madison’s east side.  A guest in the home heard …
Posted on Dec 23, 2014:
Structure Fire at Plan B Nightclub Causes Minimal Damage
Shortly after 10:00 am, construction workers next door to 924 Williamson Street noticed smoke drifting through an interior wall from the business …
Posted on Dec 15, 2014:
Keep Your Holidays From Going Up in Flames!
For most of us, the holiday season represents a time for family festivities and good cheer. What few of us consider is that the holiday season is a …
Posted on Dec 5, 2014:
Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Not Just a Good Idea But The Law
Carbon Monoxide, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which is toxic to humans in concentrations greater than 35 ppm is a product of incomplete …
Posted on Dec 4, 2014:
Red Robin Restaurant
Madison firefighters responded to a fire today at the Red Robin Restaurant on the Eastside at 2440 East Springs Drive in Madison.   The call came …
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