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Posted on Jan 30, 2015:
Madison Firefighters Contain Fire to Single Apartment, 4 Occupants Displaced
Four people were displaced following a fire in their 12-unit, Westside apartment building this evening. Madison firefighters were called to 1321 …
Posted on Jan 23, 2015:
Tabor Oaks Fire Kept in Check by Sprinkler System –Residents Evacuate Safely
Residents of Tabor Oaks Assisted Living received an unwelcome early morning wake-up call after a fire broke out in a second floor apartment this …
Posted on Jan 5, 2015:
Garage Fire Extinguished in Minutes
City of Madison firefighters quickly extinguished a garage fire late this afternoon, preventing any damage to the adjacent residence.   There were …
Posted on Dec 30, 2014:
Early Morning Fire Causes Extensive Damage to an East Side Home
Early this morning the Madison fire Department responded to a house fire at 222 Harding Street on Madison’s east side.  A guest in the home heard …
Posted on Dec 23, 2014:
Structure Fire at Plan B Nightclub Causes Minimal Damage
Shortly after 10:00 am, construction workers next door to 924 Williamson Street noticed smoke drifting through an interior wall from the business …
Posted on Dec 15, 2014:
Keep Your Holidays From Going Up in Flames!
For most of us, the holiday season represents a time for family festivities and good cheer. What few of us consider is that the holiday season is a …
Posted on Dec 5, 2014:
Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Not Just a Good Idea But The Law
Carbon Monoxide, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which is toxic to humans in concentrations greater than 35 ppm is a product of incomplete …
Posted on Dec 4, 2014:
Red Robin Restaurant
Madison firefighters responded to a fire today at the Red Robin Restaurant on the Eastside at 2440 East Springs Drive in Madison.   The call came …
Posted on Nov 30, 2014:
Basement Fire Displaces a West Side Family
 The Madison Fire Department was called to a single family home at 6601 Piedmont Road late Saturday afternoon. The homeowner discovered the fire …
Posted on Nov 27, 2014:
Balancing Safety & Security During the Holiday Shopping Season
As shoppers search out their deals on Black Friday and beyond, Madison's Fire Marshal has a few tips to keep shoppers mindful of safety.   Sales …
Posted on Nov 26, 2014:
Early Morning Fire At West Side Auto Service Center
  The Madison Fire Department responded to an early morning fire at The Goodyear Auto Service Center at 437 Commerce Drive on Madison’s west …
Posted on Nov 25, 2014:
Thanksgiving Day is Leading Day for Home Cooking Fires
Preparing a meal can be hectic from timing ingredients, to the phone ringing, to the kids calling. With these added pressures, it’s no wonder we …
Posted on Nov 18, 2014:
Fire In Single Family Home Sends One To Hospital
One person was transported to UW Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a fire in a single family home which six cats perished. The fire …
Posted on Nov 16, 2014:
$150,000+ in Damages At East Side Restaurant Fire
Madison firefighters responded to a fire today at the Great Dane Pub Eastside at 876 Jupiter Drive in Madison. The call came in just before 1 pm …
Posted on Nov 14, 2014:
Madison Firefighters Extinguish Chimney Fire; Prevent Further Damage
City of Madison firefighters rushed to the scene of a chimney fire this afternoon after a neighbor across the street from the home saw flames …
Posted on Nov 12, 2014:
Firefighters Help Resident to Safety Following Apartment Fire
Madison firefighters responded to an apartment fire this evening at 5:30 p.m. Crews were called to 914 Vernon Avenue on Madison's east side with a …
Posted on Nov 6, 2014:
Freakfest 2014
MPD is pleased with the behavior of the vast majority of those who were downtown for Freakfest 2014; however, the sheer number of celebrants in …
Posted on Nov 5, 2014:
Mayor Soglin Authorizes Study of Collaboration Between Local Fire Departments
Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is introducing a resolution authorizing the Madison Fire Department to examine the costs and benefits of border …
Posted on Nov 3, 2014:
Five People Displaced After Electrical Fire
Five people were displaced and $30,000 of damage was done to a 2-flat apartment, after an electrical fire occurred to the structure.   City of …
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