Fire Causes $110,000 in Damage

Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 4:16pm

A couple and their two dogs were not home when a fire broke out in their single family home.
The fire happened shortly before 10:00 am Saturday morning at 7009 Parker Hill Drive.
Neighbors saw smoke and flames through the large windows of their neighbors home and called 911. They knocked on the doors to alert them of the fire, but no one seemed to be home.
Fire crews arrived to find the large front windows blackened by smoke. Firefighters forced the front door with a haligan and axe. Once they gained entry, they started their search for anyone who may have been in the home. The smoke was so thick that the firefighters were working in zero visibility, feeling their way through the split level home. Ladder crews took out the front windows, to ventilate the home of heat and toxic gases. Firefighters did not find anyone in the home.
Crew members found the seat of the fire on the main level of the home, which was quickly extinguished. A thermal imaging camera was used to check for heat and extension within the walls and ceilling. Firefighters cut an inspection hole in the roof, to ensure the fire did not spread to the attic area.
The fire caused $90,000 in damage to the building and $20,000 to its contents.
The owners have insurance.
There were no injuries.
The fire is under investigation.


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