Fisherman Pulls Young Man Into The Safety Of His Boat

Monday, July 7, 2014 - 9:30pm

Shortly after 7:00 pm, a fisherman pulled a young man into the safety of his boat on Lake Mendota.
Scuba 1, Car 31, Engine 4, Medic 1 and UWPD responded to Babock Drive and the lake, for a report of a man yelling for help in the water.
Upon arrival of fire crews, it was found that a passing fisherman plucked the young gentleman out of the water and deposited him on a dock.
Paramedics assessed the patient and found no need for medical attention. UW Police transported him to the hospital for further evaluation.  
To Prevent Drownings in a River or Lake, you should:

  • Always supervise your children in and around water. Don't leave them alone, even for an instant!
  • Always wear a life jacket!
  • Make sure the whole family learns to swim.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Look before you leap.
  • Drinking and swimming is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.


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