Promotion Ceremony to Honor MFD Achievement

Friday, September 12, 2014 - 7:45am

The City of Madison Fire Department is pleased to announce the following promotions approved by the Police and Fire Commission. Fire Chief Steven A. Davis will preside over the ceremony and presentation of badges at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 12 at Monona Terrace.

The following promotions will be recognized:

Assistant Chief
Lance Langer

Division Chiefs
Ché Stedman & Tim Mrowiec

David Blocker , Jerome Buechner, Tracy Burrus, Dylan Dinkins, Nathan Franke, Brian Lofy, James Lombardi, Paul Mason, Shawn Murray, Kevin Sherry, Todd Shortreed, Adrian Smith, Ryan Stebnitz, Johnny Winston, Jr.

John Fleming, Tom Reiter, Paul Ripp, Jennifer Romàn, Tom Schaller, Todd Steyer

Apparatus Engineers
Ben Boucher, Eric Fredrickson, Mindy Huitt, Carri Holloway, Patrick Howe, Troy Lubahn, Paul Poker, Matthew Powers, Liza Tatar, James Tokarski, Jeff Vogen, Sam Yackel

Amanda Baumann, Rebecca Blaschka, Leon Buggs, Jr., Mike Howell, Eric Isberner, Jacob Kuehne, Laura Prom

Fire Code Enforcement Officers
Jerry McMullen--FCEO IV
Joe Seifert--FCEO IV
Doug Milks-FCEO III
Eric Dahl--FCEO II


Health & Safety