Severe Weather Event

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 5:24am

Early this morning, a line of severe weather struck the City of Madison in several areas.  This severe weather caused heavy damage to trees, the electrical grid, homes, and commercial buildings in multiple neighborhoods throughout the City.  Despite the damage, there are limited reports of injuries and no fatalities reported.
Multiple city agencies responded along with MFD, and the cleanup has already begun.  However, this will not be a single day cleaning and restoring City services to all the affected neighborhoods.  During the next several days, there are areas of the City that will be barricaded for public safety, while the cleanup progresses.  These areas include:
·         The near east side, south of Williamson, including Jenifer St, Spaight St, Rutledge St, and Morrison St.  The affected area runs from the 700 block of Williamson St to the Yahara River.
·         The southwest side, including the entirety of Friar Ln.
·         Other isolated areas may be barricaded during the clean up for public safety.
While the cleanup progresses, the MFD would like to remind everyone of the following safety and cleanup guidelines:
·         Do not cross barricade lines.
·         While cleaning up your property, please watch for downed power lines.  Contact MG&E immediately if you find downed lines.
·         Please watch for, and slow down for, City workers that are cleaning up the neighborhoods.
·         City Forestry and Streets will be cleaning up the streets and terrace areas.
·         Brush and trees downed on private property need to be cut into pieces no longer than 8’ and placed on the terrace.
·         Building debris can be placed on the terrace, but must also be no longer than 8’ in length.
·         Downed trees can shift or move without warning as pieces are cut or removed.  Be careful of shifting debris.
·         Madison Metro routes may be disrupted or changed during the cleanup process.