Two People Injured at West Side Fire

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 10:58pm

One firefighter and one civilian were transported to UW Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a fire broke out at 7030 Parker Hill Drive. The home owners were alerted by a loud bang and were able to escape the fire to safety.
At 5:51 pm, City of Madison Firefighters responded to an escalating fire that was fueled as a result of the expedient manner in which the occupants were forced to leave their home. The Communications Center received multiple 911 calls to report the whole house was on fire. Units responding noticed a large column of smoke very soon after leaving their fire houses. Upon arrival, Companies were faced with a fire that was exiting the structure from all four sides. The homes immediately adjacent were beginning to experience melted siding, adding to the needs of these crews. The Companies simultaneously began attacking the fire and protecting the neighboring homes. Additional companies were requested, but were returned quickly since the main body of fire in the original house was knocked down and removed the threat of igniting the adjacent homes.
Crews remained on seen scene due to several  hotspots. This amount of fire caused portions of the interior walls and ceiling coverings to collapse and bury burning materials. Fire Officials and crews were systematic in the overhaul of the home due to the weakened structure, as a result of the large amount of fire and to reduce the risk to firefighters.
Red Cross assisted occupants with emergency needs.
The single family home is a total loss. Estimated dollar loss $300.000.
Home owners have insurance.

The fire is under investigation.


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