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Fire Protection Engineering Unit

New Construction

The Fire Protection Engineering Unit´s primary function is to increase fire safety for the public and our firefighters, and protect property. We provide code consultation, plan review, onsite inspections and testing. We grant permission for occupancy by applying the International Fire Code (IFC), the adopted National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, Department of Commerce Administrative Codes and Madison General Ordinances for both new and existing buildings.

Code Consultation

Successful projects are the result of careful planning. The City of Madison Fire Protection is committed to its in helping to build a safer Madison. Plan reviewers evaluate fire protection systems during the planning phase of construction. The Fire Protection Engineering Unit works with developers, architects, professional engineers and contractors during the early stages of projects to ensure the safest environment possible and limit construction delays and added costs.

Plan Review

The Fire Protection Engineering Unit conducts plan review on the following fire protection systems:
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Alternate Fire Suppression Systems
  • Atrium Fire Protection Systems
  • Private Fire Service Mains and Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Standpipe and Hose Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

In addition, the Engineering Unit also reviews the following systems that impact life safety and firefighter operations:
  • Fire Apparatus Access and Site plans
  • Fire Command Centers
  • Access Controlled and Delayed egress locks
  • Stairway locks
  • High-piled Storage

MFD Work Permit Application (PDF)

City of Madison Licenses and Permits Portal, MFD Work Permit Application

Inspection & Testing

In addition to reviewing the systems noted above, the Engineering Unit is also responsible for inspecting and testing systems during installation and upon completion. The installing contractor is responsible for making arrangements with the inspector assigned to the geographical area. A minimum of 48 hours notice is necessary to schedule inspections.


Name Responsibilities

Bill Sullivan
(608) 261-9658

Supervisor, Fire protection engineering consultation and plan review

Jerry McMullen
(608) 261-9840

High-Piled Combustible Storage Permits, New Construction Inspection

Scott Strassburg
(608) 261-9843

New Construction Inspection, Kitchen Hood Suppression Plan Review

Douglas Milks
(608) 261-9847

Eastside, New Construction, Flammable & Combustible Tank Inspection Program

Joe Seifert
(608) 261-9846

Fire Alarm System Plan Review

Michael Schroeder
(608) 261-9842

Downtown West

Brian Kruser
(608) 266-4487

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Plan Review, New Construction

Ann Blackdeer
(608) 261-9690

Administrative support for general information and permit application forms

For information on commercial property inspections, go to the Fire Inspection Unit.