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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is residency required? No, at this time you are not required to live in the City of Madison to be a firefighter with the Madison Fire Department. However, residency is a requirement for fire managers.

When will the next hiring process be? The City of Madison Fire Department, through the City of Madison Human Resources Department, accepts applications approximately every two years.

Recruit Training

What is the Recruit Training Academy? The Madison Fire Department Recruit Training Academy is a 16-week course designed to teach new firefighters and to challenge firefighters holding current State Certifications. During the Academy, recruits are taught the basics of firefighting and many advanced skills such as Smoke Divers, Advanced Rescue, Hazardous Materials Technician and Emergency Medical Technician. The Academy is physically and mentally challenging. Not all make it through to completion. The MFD Training Staff is committed to making the best new firefighters and making existing firefighters better.

How long is the Recruit Academy? The Recruit Academy takes 16 weeks to complete. If you are not certified at the EMT-B level, an additional 4 weeks is needed to complete the academy.

Are new recruits paid while in the Recruit Academy? Yes. For more information on salary and benefits visit any one of the following sites:

I've been a firefighter for XX years, do I still have to go to the Recruit Academy? All new members of the Department are required to attend the Recruit Academy regardless of past years of firefighting experience. However, pending an assessment by the Training Division, some experienced firefighters may qualify for an abbreviated academy schedule.


How do I become a Paramedic? After becoming a firefighter with the City of Madison Fire Department and the application process for Paramedic has been opened by the Department, firefighters can apply to become a Paramedic with the Department. The amount of training required will depend on an individual's qualifications, as well as the Department's review of an individual's skill level.

I'm a Paramedic in my current department. Can I apply to be a Paramedic with the City of Madison Fire Department? You must first become a firefighter with the Department and then complete the Department's application process for Paramedic when positions are available. All City of Madison Fire Department Paramedics are selected (reclassification) from within the Department.
If you have additional questions that have not been answered by the information of this website, please contact us: Fire Recruitment, (608) 513-3446.

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