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Image: Rapid Intervention Team

Rapid Intervention Team

The City of Madison Fire Department is committed to the safety of our personnel. In 2003 MFD implemented a dedicated Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) to be assigned to any fire call or incident in need of a RIT. Engines 3 & 4 split the city east and west covering the assignments as RIT. The RIT’s core is comprised of the 36 members assigned to Stations 3 & 4. RIT trains every Tuesday morning on a multitude of firefighter rescue topics. RIT also assists in the training of all companies as “ Safety Companies” in the event E3 or E4 are unavailable. Safety and tracking personnel are also a RIT responsibility on the fire ground. Many individuals and businesses in the Madison area have donated acquired structures that allow for full-fledged scenarios of firefighter rescues. All new hires are given a “RIT Skills Drill” to introduce them to Mayday and self-rescue techniques.