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This page is dedicated to the program consultants and contractors and the resources they will need to adhere to Green Madison program requirements. Green Madison will continue to update the following forms, so please check back often.


  • Disclosure on Information Sharing
    This form is only needed for Focus on Energy Assisted Home Performance customers (and Focus Home Heating Assistance customers) who are also participating in the Green Madison program. The homeowner's signature on this form allows Focus on Energy and Green Madison to share information. The homeowner is only required to submit one application to confirm eligibility for all three programs.

  • Residential Utility Release Form
    This form is required from the homeowner for program participation. An attempt should be made to obtain records of 15 months of heating and electricity billing data from the homeowner to avoid delays in requesting from the utility. Homeowners should complete all fields on this form with the exception of the beginning and ending date fields in Section B.

  • Data Collection Form
    All applicable shell insulation and mechanical fields should be completed. Use for both pre- and post-assessments.

  • Surveyor Additional Data Collection Form
    Additional information needed to model the home.

  • Homeowner Report Template
    A copy of a Home Performance "Your Performance Energy Report" can be used in place of the Homeowner Report.

  • Scope of Work Template
    Boilerplate scope measures for all recommended or possible shell & mechanical improvements. The scope of work should include all shell and mechanical measures that the homeowner may install, regardless of whether they are included in the Focus on Energy Home Performance rewards package.

  • Waste Management Plan Template
    The US Department of Energy requires that all contractors participating in the Green Madison program provide a plan for waste diversion.

  • Installation Completion Document
    Document certifying completed installation. To be signed by Homeowner, Prime Contractor and Consultant (where applicable).

  • Consultant Standard Disclosure Form
    Consultants should provide disclosure form to homeowners when affiliated with the contractor that may perform installation work on same home, if applicable.


  • Commercial Project Interest Form
    Business owners interested in financing or cash incentives for their energy efficiency project should complete and submit this form as the first step in applying to the Green Madison program.

  • Confidentiality Agreement
    Participating Contractors who are participating in the Contractor-Led program must sign and submit a confidentiality agreement prior to completing their first assessment.

  • Commercial Utility Release Form
    Business owners should complete all fields on this form with the exception of the beginning and ending date fields in Section B.

  • Special Terms and Conditions (aka: "Flow Down Requirements")
    The Department of Energy requires that this document become part of every contract/agreement issued between business owners and their contractors, and contractors and their subcontractors for every Me2 commercial project.

  • Commcercial Calculation Worksheet
    Contractors should provide this completed worksheet to their customers along with their proposal to document the energy savings and the estimated incentive. This worksheet will meet the documentation requirement for justification of energy savings.



  • Training Announcements

  • Focus on Energy Program Ally Application

  • Request for Qualifications
    • Residential Consultant-Led Program RFQ
      This program allows contractors to offer their services to a homeowner after the Consultant completes the pre-assessment. Homeowners are provided with the list of Participating Contractors to choose from to complete their project once the assessment is complete.

    • Residential Contractor-Led Program RFQ
      This program is for Building Shell (insulation) or Full Service contractors who are certified to perform the pre- and post-assessment or subcontract with an eligible Consultant to perform the assessment.

    • Commercial Contractor Program RFQ
      The Non-Residential program is for installing contractors who provide services to commercial businesses. Contractors must carry Wisconsin licenses required for pulling permits.

  • Wisconsin Historical Society AHI Database
    Please check with the City of Madison (Amy Scanlon (608) 266-6552) and Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office (608) 264-6463) to verify your project is not a historic property and to ensure your project is exempt or complying with all historic preservation requirements.

  • Job Hours Reporting Link
    Contractors are required to report all hours worked on each project within 10 business days of completing the project through this portal. For commercial projects where Davis Bacon wages are required to be paid, contractors would report the hours worked on weekly certified payroll reports rather than using the Job Hours Reporting platform (see Form WH-347 Certified Payroll Report above).


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