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Green Madison helps save energy & increase comfort at home

No one wants to pay more money than they have to for energy bills. And, why should you? Saving energy is an easy way to get more money back into your pocket. Plus, it can help make your home more safe and comfortable. Green Madison is here to help homeowners do just that. We'll show you how to make your home more energy efficient and provide you with the resources to make energy-saving projects easy and affordable.

Green Madison offers homeowners

    The final sign up date to receive Green Madison incentives was June 15 with all project and paperwork needing to be completed by August 31. The City of Madison anticipates that a financing program will continue after August 31.

  • Personal assistance—FREE, optional energy advocate guides you through the process and gives you tips for saving energy in your home.

  • Proven testing—Professional energy consultant tests your home's energy efficiency and safety and provides personalized solutions.

  • Quality improvements—Local, approved contractors make recommended energy improvements to your home. Trained energy consultants double check the work.

  • Incentives—Financial incentives and a low-interest loan make it work within your budget.

Having an energy-efficient home is smart. You'll save energy and money. Plus, energy-related improvements can solve home problems such as drafts, moisture buildup, ice dams, and mold.


You are eligible for Green Madison if your home meets the following criteria:

  • Located within City of Madison.

  • Owner-occupied or non-owner-occupied* single-family home, duplex or triplex (3 units or less).

  • Owner of building must be listed as an individual and not as a trust, LLC, or form of business.

  • No delinquent property taxes due to the City of Madison.

  • Potential energy savings estimated at 15% or above during initial assessment and homeowner agrees to install a mix of recommended measures that is reasonably expected to achieve 15% or more.

*Financing options may be different for non-owner-occupied homes.


An important part of the Green Madison process is the comprehensive energy evaluation completed by a consultant partnering with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. These expert home consultants are certified through Focus on Energy and are trained to:

  • Pinpoint problem areas and energy-saving opportunities in your home.

  • Recommend the best solutions for your home based on their evaluation findings.

  • Reevaluate your home after your efficiency projects are complete to ensure the improvements are complete and effective.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR evaluation gives homeowners the facts they need to make smart decisions on which energy-efficiency improvements they'd like to pursue, and in which order.