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An energy consultant is a trained Focus on Energy partner with extensive home knowledge and training in building analysis and residential energy rater certifications. To find a consultant, view the list of participating consultants or rely on your energy advocate to facilitate the process.

A consultant walks through your home and performs a series of energy efficiency tests including performance testing of ventilation and mechanical systems, combustion safety testing, building tightness, and insulation levels.

Once these tests are complete, the energy consultant will prepare a report and a series of recommendations to you and your advocate. With your consultant's recommendations, you'll be well on your way to making your home more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient!


Green Madison offers residents a list of participating contractors to complete your energy-efficiency projects.

Please note that the Green Madison program (including WECC and the City of Madison) does not endorse or guarantee the work or services of any particular consultant or contractor, but maintains a directory of consultants and contractors who have applied and been determined to be eligible to participate in the program. Participating contractors are independent contractors who have agreed to meet specified program requirements. Participating consultants are independent consultants who have been accredited and certified by the Building Performance Institution. You will be entering into a direct, independent relationship with the consultant or contractor of your choice, and it is important that you review their credentials, qualifications, and references to make an informed decision before retaining them. Consultants and contractors who participate in the program warrant their own work and may charge different fees for services. It is generally good practice to contact several contractors before selecting one. (Please see the full program disclaimer on the directory of consultants and contractors.)