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There are currently Green Madison incentives still available, but projects must be completed before August 31. There are also financing options available and if you are interested in these options please continue with the standard application process.

Green Madison helps businesses by providing incentives that will help make recommended energy-efficiency improvements work within your budget.

Cash-Back Rewards

Green Madison rewards your energy efficiency actions with generous financial incentives. To qualify for the highest cash incentives, a goal of at least 10 percent energy savings in your building should be targeted. The more you save, the more you earn.

Commercial Business Incentives

Energy Savings Goal Incentive
Achieve 10% - 30% energy savings 10% - 30% of project costs

% Energy Savings = Your Incentive %. Example: reduce energy costs by 30%, get 30% of your project costs repaid. Maximum savings and incentive of 30% or $22,500, whichever is less.

New Gas Incentives

In addition to the standard Small Business Incentives shown above, Green Madison now has a bonus incentive of $500 for any qualifying natural gas furnace or boiler replacements.

Financing Solutions

  • Small Business Financing:
    Energy-efficiency projects between $5,000 and $20,000
    Finance up to 100 percent of your energy-efficiency project costs through Summit Credit Union. Low interest rate and flexible repayment terms. The money you save on your energy bills helps pay off your loan. A low customer application fee applies. Learn more.