1. Attend Trainings

    Throughout City employment.

    EDOE provides training preparing employees for retirement.

    Upcoming Retirement Planning Courses

    There are no upcoming training dates.

    ETF also has a member education portal to provide information about WRS benefits.

  2. Set Retirement Date

    Six – twelve months prior to retirement date.

    Contact City of Madison Human Resources if you have questions about how your retirement date will affect your benefits and/or what your retirement date should be.

    Phone: (608) 266-4615
    Request to speak with the Benefits Analyst.

  3. Get Benefits Estimate

    Six – twelve months prior to retirement date.

    Request your Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Benefit Estimate from ETF, which will also include your WRS retirement application.

    More info from ETF: after you receive your benefit estimate.

  4. Schedule Exit Interview

    Three – four months prior to retirement date.

    Contact City HR's Benefits Analyst to schedule your retirement exit interview.

  5. Submit ETF Application

    45 – 90 days prior to retirement date.

    Submit your WRS retirement application to ETF. The first annuity payment may be delayed if you do not provide sufficient notice to ETF.

  6. Attend Exit Interview

    45 – 90 days prior to retirement date.

    Meet with the HR Benefits Analyst to complete City retirement forms. This meeting will cover:

    • Benefits during retirement.
    • Retirement date and its effect on benefits.
    • Payment and conversion of vacation, holidays and sick leave.
    • Mention of notice to department.

    Be advised that upon receiving written notification of your retirement date, the Benefits Analyst will inform your Department/Division head of your impending retirement.