The four city pilot areas benefiting from Connecting Madison are Allied Drive, Brentwood, Darbo Worthington, and Kennedy Heights. Local provider of internet, television and telephone services, ResTech, will extend fiber optic service to these four neighborhoods, from the city-owned MUFN fiber, and install electronics in the residences that will be able to provide up to 300Mbps internet service. Map of city of madison highlighting the four pilot areas

Areas Serviced

Available Plans

The Basic plan (“Basic Internet Service”) is for 10 Mbps Internet service, and costs subscribers $9.99 per month. These plans can be upgraded, and optional television and telephone services are also available as add-ons. The upgrades, phone and television plans shown below are optional and not part of the City’s pilot program.

Internet Price
Basic Internet Service - 10 mbps Internet $9.99 / month
20 mbps Internet $19.99 / month
50 mbps Internet $29.00 / month
100 mbps Internet $44.99 / month
Wireless Router/Service Add-On $9.99 / month
Phone Price
Basic Phone Service - Unlimited Local, 6 cents/min LD $9.99 / month
Telephone Service $34.99 / month
Television Price
Basic Television Service - local, city and other public access channels $19.99 / month
Analog Basic Cable TV $64.99 / month
IPTV Basic HD $65.09 / month
IPTV Expanded HD $77.69 / month
IPTV HBO $20.99 / month
IPTV Showtime $14.69 / month
IPTV Stars $13.69 / month
IPTV Cinemax $12.59 / month
IPTV NFL Redzone $54.59 / month
IPTV HD Reciever $9.99 / month
IPTV HD DVR Reciever $19.99 / month