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Owl Creek Pavement Painting

September 13, 2016 2:30 PM

This past Sunday, the Owl Creek Neighborhood Resource Team (NRT) joined up with Owl Creek residents of every age, friends from all around the City, as well as local artists helped to create this magnificent work of art that the neighborhood will be able to enjoy and admire!

Alder Denise Demarb and City staff envisioned this project two years ago and with the help of local residents, this 14 hour project has culminated literally into a work of art!

It is always amazing to see everyone come together and work hard to help create something unique and special for their community. The bonds built between neighbors during this project are relationships that could last a lifetime!

For those not familiar, we have a number of Neighborhood Resource Teams around the City; the teams consist of City staff who meet with residents, staff from community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to promote racial equity, a sense of community and quality of life.  I truly appreciate their work at Owl Creek and throughout the city.

Owl Creek Painting Pic

Design by, James Coan

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