Ho-Chunk Day

November 23, 2016 11:14 AM

At last night's City Council meeting myself and the Common Council proclaimed that the fourth Friday of November be known as Ho-Chunk Day. I presented them with their proclamation and they gifted the City a beautiful shawl.

The Ho-Chunk people are descendants of the effigy mound builders who were once a populous tribe that occupied millions acres of land. Warfare and foreign diseases first disseminated the tribe and then government building dug up and destroyed effigy mounds, before forcefully removing their people.

The City of Madison recognizes the historical trauma and how it still reverberates today, so that healing can take place and progress can be made. Let the Ho-Chunk people be an example to all of the residents of Madison by building and nurturing positive relationships.

Ho-Chunk Pics

Ho-Chunk Day

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