MadiSUN Solar Group Buy Program

April 26, 2017 4:27 PM


It was great to join with Middleton Mayor Gurdip Brar this week to announce the launch of the MadiSUN Solar Group Buy program. It is a collaborative program that helps residents easily and affordably invest in solar electric systems on their homes. The announcement continues the steady stream of renewable energy commitments and solar projects announced in Wisconsin.


The MadiSUN Solar Group Buy program will enable Madison and Middleton residents to " go solar" together. Through the group buy program, a team of community members requests offers from solar companies across the region. The program then pre-qualifies a price and service provider to make it as easy as possible for people to join the program. The City's investment in marketing and competitive bidding will drive down the cost for each participant. The cost of installing solar has never been lower, and households can receive a Federal Tax Credit for 30 percent of the system cost, while Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program offers up to $2,000 in additional rebates.

The program, through its contractor RENEW Wisconsin, has begun recruiting interested households to participate. Thanks to all RENEW's work, to summit Credit Union and their other partners and to Josh Feyen and Jay Edgar who have recently installed solar panels on their home.


This summer, citizens can learn more and sign up at the link below:


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