Capitol Square Construction Completed

July 24, 2017 3:47 PM

We all know how frustrating construction projects can be while they are ongoing, but I think we can also agree that the finished project is worth the temporary inconvenience. The most recent completed project, the Capitol Square, here in downtown Madison was finished, in fact, weeks ahead of schedule.

Capitol Underground, the contractor was able to accommodate projects that both AT&T and MG&E were completing at the same time in the area.  I join residents and motorists in appreciating the collaboration.

 Concrete pavement and gravel base was replaced, in addition to the curb, gutter, the sanitary sewer, and water mains.  MG&E replaced the gas main and services, and they as well as AT&T, installed new conduit duct packages.

I would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work in finishing this joint venture as quickly as possible while overcoming the many challenges that arose during the project. Even though there is still a project underway because of a building remodel, the Capitol Square is open.  The project was targeted to be complete in time for Art Fair on the Square and that goal was met.  Of course, the Dane County Farmer's Market, Taste of Madison, Concerts on the Square, and other activities, will be able to proceed smoothly as well.


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