Meadowood Youth-Making a Difference!

July 25, 2017 12:49 PM

Young residents can make a tremendous difference in their neighborhood. Youth leaders from Meadowood, a southwest side neighborhood, have shown what it means to decide what to do, and then do it. 

Meadowood meeting

Over a course of four months, community members met on Saturday mornings to clean up, beautify, and then unite over a community conversation. Area youth problem-solved, exhibited leadership, and took charge of making changes to their environment.  At the last meeting, they talked about what was important to their neighborhood and discussed with city planning and mayoral staff, actual changes that could be made from the ideas that emerged during the conversation. 

The Mellowhood Foundation, led by Coach Assad, received a $2000 award at the 2016 Mayor's Neighborhood Conference to support this neighborhood-based activity.  Coach Assad provided area youth with leadership opportunities to make changes to Meadowood Park, a community garden, and to identify and advocate for improvements to the neighborhood which would benefit all residents.  Mellowhood Foundation, with support from 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Association of Black Men, and City of Madison, listened and supported the efforts of our youth neighborhood leaders.  City of Madison staff are reviewing the ideas provided by the youth to determine what can be done in partnership with them .

Meadowood Neighborhood Team

On Saturday, October 7th the City will host a neighborhood roundtable at Monona Terrace.  This event will be an opportunity to acknowledge all of the work our residents do to make a place better.  We will hear about this project and many others – so please stay tuned for more information later this summer.


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